London & Cardiff, United Kingdom




imageThe train ride view to Barry Island




imageArrived at Barry Island (there are more pictures to be uploaded soon) 🙂

imageCardiff City Hall

imageBus ride view (on the way to London Heathrow Airport)image




imageTry spotting me. (Hint: Reflection)image


Looking back in 2013 during my trip to London & Cardiff in United Kingdom, it was an eye-opening experience to sit on an airplane (Emirates) for ’14 hours’ (7 hours to Dubai, then transmit to London for another 7 hours flight – air sick – it was such a long flight that I vomitted every each flight since it was my 1st time). 😦

Besides, I got to experience UK culture & the best part was sight-seeing. I didn’t really get the chance to taste their delicacies cause my late dad preferred Chinese food, so we had to eat Chinese food & even ‘Nasi Lemak’ in London/Cardiff for our 1 week trip. I know, we should have tried their famous fish & chips, desserts,etc., but that’s just too bad (for me) couldn’t taste those western UK food… and trust me, 1 week ain’t enough travelling around UK, but we went there mainly for my brother’s Convocation Day in Cardiff. So, to me, this trip wasn’t that enjoyable if I were to call it ‘travelling’. More like a short trip. Our schedule was just very rush & unorganized to me. I did rather travel alone or with my good friends haha.

However, it was still an eye-opening experience and I got a chance to snap many beautiful photographs that I couldn’t capture those shots back in Malaysia, especially their architectural buildings & country side, as well as their chilly weather though it was summer at that time. All in all, the best part and my best friend during the trip to UK was my DSLR. 🙂 The next time if I get to travel there again, I really hope I can have more pictures of myself with the picturesque scenery with my loved ones. 🙂 ❤

Hailee MingY.


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