First sneak peak about my blog

Many of my friends have been encouraging me to start a blog so I could share more about my journey in photography. So here it is! I have been MIA (missing in action) for almost one year (2015) due to many reasons and I put away photography at that time because I had to focus on something that I didn’t want at first place. Not only photography, but also relationships with my loved ones and even changed me to something that I’m not, but it made me realized what I truly wanted in life and my values and purpose to it that I truly want to cherish and utilize what God have given me and make the best out of it. So, I realized that this is not me at all and I definitely need to make a change, to do something that I’m passionate about and capable of doing it. I believe that capability and passion comes hand in hand as without the other, it will lead us astray. So, here I’m getting back up after all the struggles I have went through and I’m never giving up in my hopes, values, and purpose in life. Thank you to those who have always been by my side, supporting, understanding and guiding me to be a better person. To know more about me, check out my bio.

Thank you to all my supporters & readers! 🙂


Hailee MingY


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